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Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes, December 15, 2020



DATE AND TIME: December 15, 2020  9:00 am

PLACE: MODA Administrative Office, 228 Highway 44, Burns Flat, OK 73624

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Rick Wiest, Trustee; Jimmy Ingram, Trustee; Don Greteman, Chairman; Jason Hulin, Trustee

BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT: Guy Hylton, Trustee; Lee Litterell, Trustee;

MODA STAFF PRESENT: Kathryn Carlisle, Exec. Director; Charles Rainbolt, Attorney



I.          CALL MEETING TO ORDER.  Chairman, Don Greteman called the meeting to order and welcomed members & staff.

II.        MOTION & VOTE TO APPROVE/DISAPPROVE AGENDA. Mr. Greteman asked for a motion to approve the Agenda.  A motion was made by Jason Hulin and seconded by Rick Wiest.

            Aye-Rick Wiest, Aye-Jason Hulin, Aye-Don Greteman, Aye-Jimmy Ingram

III.       MOTION & VOTE TO APPROVE/DISAPPROVE MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETINGS. (010/20/2020)  Jason Hulin motioned to approve the Minutes. Rick Wiest seconded.

            Aye-Rick Wiest, Aye-Jimmy Ingram, Aye-Jason Hulin, Aye-Don Greteman

IV.       DISCUS EXPIRATION OF LEASE WITH GINA ROJO, FOR GRASS LAND ON HIGHWAY 44.  Ms. Carlisle reported that the Lease was for one year, and that it would expire at the end of January.  Ms. Rojo had contacted her and asked for a renewal at the same price per acre as stated in the Lease.  There was discussion about the possibility of  future utilization for economic development.  No action was taken.

V.        RECOGNITION OF CHAIRMAN DON CHAIRMAN.  Mr. Greteman announced that he was retiring as a Trustee and Chairman of the MODA Board.  He spoke of his approximate 40 years serving western Oklahoma through hard economic times and also during time of economic growth.  Ms. Carlisle and the members expressed their gratitude to Mr. Greteman for his lengthy and outstanding service to the MODA Trust and  citizens of western Oklahoma.  Ms. Carlisle presented Mr. Greteman with a plaque.

VI.       NEW BUSINESS. Discussion of a potential tenant moving into a hanger on the Airpark.

X.        MOTION AND VOTE TO ADJOURN. Jimmy Ingram moved to adjourn.  Jason Hulin seconded.

            Aye-Rick Wiest, Aye Jimmy Ingram, Aye-Jason Hulin, Aye-Don Greteman


Guy Hylton, Vice  Chairman                                           Kathryn R Carlisle, Notary        

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